Monday, November 20, 2006

How is it Monday already... i could not get up this morning... the sleeping gods did wish me to slumber more but the buzz of my alarm would not let it be so. *sigh*

Yesterday i went to the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival with Trish. It was a good day but not what i had really expected (expectation is the root of all disappointment) but have a think about it.. what atmosphere would you expect from such an event... calm...pleasant... perhaps even enlightening if you are lucky NOPE; not here, i felt like i was at the Easter show or something with people everywhere pushing you, running you over with prams and generally in a cranky mood. That to me was interesting. let me tell you, it costs a LOT to become enlightened too... somehow i managed to spend $100 a little too easily. But i did get a few bits and pieces for massaging on the cheep so that was cool.

Also.. i made a slight foe par... Trish and i were standing around as a medium (much to the same effect of John Edwards) was about to come out; anyway this tall massive guy(Camp as a row of tents with a flower behind his ear) stood in front of Trisha and so i just said - "Oh, excuse me.." and he just turned around and in a very patronising manner told me he would be moving shortly.. yep... you guessed it.. it was the medium.. turns out i interrupted his "tuning".... lol quite amusing really. All he had to say was oh look i just need to blah blah blah.... but noooooooooo.. it would not have matched the theme of the day which was cranky pants'.

I did go and see a psychic while i was there (well.. that was the main attraction if you will for me) which was very interesting. I got to hear about some of my past lives.. by the 3rd one i had to ask if i could please have a good one now!!!! Lol.
Very interesting - she told me that i felt like ripping out my teeth at my job (got it in one sister) and was asking what i was doing there. She described exactly how i was feeling about it. I should have another job to go to but she also mentioned a very interesting career path that i (apparently am very talented at) which i may just investigate..
Massaging - i also asked about that and she said yeah.. its ok.. but she said i have to watch my shoulders.. which is interesting cos they bother me now and i only massage maybe once a week.

Very interesting... I know some people poo poo at this stuff and sometime they are way way off. But sometimes, some of these people know things that there is no possible way of them knowing..I love this stuff.

She taped it for me too.. i should have another listen when i get home. I keep getting her words popping into my head.

ALSO i got the new Beatles album... i think its wonderful...

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