Monday, November 27, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays

Well alright, so its not raining but its still Monday.

Its not even 10am yet and i only have 3 emails in my inbox. None of which really require me to do much at all.. I'm too up to date but dare not say anything cos then i get the shit bits of work to do and i don't want to.

What a weekend. Saturday was interesting, the day didn't go how it was meant to at all. It was Iain's birthday and I was going to the races to celebrate. Looking forward to it really as i hadn't been to Randwick
I went to my cousins to get my hair done cut and coloured (had my appointment moved so i would be earlier.) but seemed to take longer than usual..
Then i got home and was getting ready and Bree called ... her car had been playing up and she hadn't left the coast yet... then 5 minutes later she called again ... her car wouldn't start.
she did get it started and came down but took our time as we really wouldn't make it to the races now anyway.
Poor Bree had had quite a day indeed.
Then we had trouble with public transport.. i thought we would never get there! Our gorgeous friend Mikey picked us up and took us to Iain's place where everyone was kicking on.
Good night but poor Bree had more dramas of the male kind and we stumbled in to my place at abut 6.30 in the morning.

Yesterday i remembered why you don't mix your drinks and i was feeling like utter shite when the Real Estate called and said they were bringing someone though to look at the house. I had to get out of bed and pretend i didn't feel like Judy Garland after a big night.

God I'm bored and stale today... stale is a really good way of describing how i feel today.
According to my star sign today;
Mon Nov 27: Soul Connection
Romance is on your mind, Virgo. Singles can expect to be consumed with a recently met lover, whilst couples are besotted with each other once more. For those who are not presently attached, new passions and interests are bearing the fruit of your efforts. This is such a warming influence that connects your emotions and your soul. Fortuitous colours are burgundy and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 38 and 70.

Really... well I'm yet to see any of that.

Hopefully i will hear back from a job i went for last week, today. But even if its a yes.. that just means more interviews... i swear I'm sick of the whole process of everything.

Next Saturday is Homebake i cant wait to see You am I!!!! WOO!! I hope its a good day. I'm sure it will be.

Man, I'm still dehydrated.... today is going to go slow as isn't it? Someone come and play with me I'm bored.

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