Thursday, December 7, 2006

I just want to get down this dream i had last night.. it was truely strange. Although really, i guess i should call it a nightmare..

It started with me leaving my work to go to the bank. There are people outside the cafe downstairs and because i see an old man down there i ask him where one is (although i already know) to make him feel helpful. (??? Yes i know but thats dream logic for you) So i turn where he leads and see an ally way i have not noticed before(it looks like VIC markets and also the old parramatta near Hungrey Jacks) As i am walking i realise that i am now near what seems an industrial area/field and i realise that the old man is quite a while back but i feel evil intent now and so i start to walk faster.
I now realise that this has been a trap and the only way to get anyone to her me to sing as loud as i can (yes thats right Mr Freud) so im singing Pinks new single (why its not David Bowies Cracked Actor i dont know as im wearing out the track) and racing round the corner is Leanne (a chick i used to go to highschool with??? Just an aquintance mind you) and a small guy. They point to their car as we hear gunfire and the old man is now trying to shoot me. I get in the car and huddle under the blanket when i realise they are not getting in the car.

That is all i can really remember.. that and something to do with lifts.....

Although it doesnt sound scary its funny how much dreams can rattle you .. cos i was awake for a long time trying to nut this one out.... so was it trying to tell me lol that singing will save my life?

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