Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Last night i cried like i have not cried in a long time..... no not for myself..... but for a character on a TV show... thats right.. you heard correctly. I spent most of the show bawling my eyes out uncontrollably for someone who doenst exsist!

I dont consider myself a massvie cryer and that in itself may not be a great thing (there is nothing wrong with having a cry) all thouhgh.. i nearly cried in the dentist chair on Saturday but thats a different story. But last night..... as soon as Cyril (a mentally retarded prisoner in OZ) was getting his head shaved to be electrocuted the water works just erupted. His brother with him trying to hide his emotions so as not to worry Cyril (who didnt know what was happening).

Well i wont recant the whole thing but he was saved at the last minute.. although i didnt watch the other episode I had to tape it. So who knows.

It was just incredible. The show is really well written. Considering most of the themes etc make me feel sick yet im still back every week watching; its really something..

At work today and as usual i am struggling to keep my mind on track long enough to actually get anything done. Its not my fault.. I blame lack of sleep.. the usual suspect.

Lord im just so bored here, mentally bored.
Shain made me think yesterday. He was talking about the idea 'does what you are doing make a difference' the bleak but glaringly obvious in my case is NO! So what am i doing.. really? When did i become a slave for the dollar? [that statement in itself is quite comedic really as I dont earn enough to be doing this really.] I could be doing something great. I could.. I can and I will.

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