Friday, February 16, 2007

Charlie's Muse

Its days like today that make me think that Charlie Chaplin is sitting up in Heaven watching me and making notes. That or i am Charlie's puppet; i think its the latter myself.

So many things went wrong today yet if i had watched them in a Chaplin short it would be gold.

Ill do point form - much easier.

Lets start * Waking up with a tummy ache and not being able to move for about 20 minutes

*My car wouldn't start (note it did end up starting however making me later)

*I couldn't park where i had planned to to get the bus so i had to walk bullshit away from where the bus stop is (all this and painfully becoming aware that i was getting blisters on my feet from my 7 inch heels)

*Bus was late.

*Got to work late with very sore balls ..... (Balls of my feet thank you!)

*Go to train station for interview in plenty of time - walk up to the platform and hear "the train on platform 4 has been delayed"..... ok Ill cab it and train it back with my return ticket.

*As i leave - my ticket gets eaten... of course

*Get a cab.. oh good he knows where he is going... ok he wants banter.. not a problem... how this ends up with him praying in the cab and giving me church paraphernalia I'm not quite sure but it was a LONG cab ride.

*Had to buy new shoes... not soo much a bad thing really but my pounded feet certainly are.

Interesting huh? And all in one morning....

Cue Charlie walking from Camera twirling cane...... and CUT!

Oh and by the way - the interview went ok. Im happy with myself and if i dont get it i'll just chalk this one up to experience.


Shain Shapiro said...

Hey You Lovely Lady...

if you moved to London, you're hired. No questions asked. I'll even pay you a small pittance. Speak soon I hope.

Shain Shapiro said...

second comment... I hope you get the job, even though secretly I want you to move to London and work at my label; well, I just want you to be happy, so whichever.. but my option is fun and filled with promises of jellybeans and no old people coughing. xx