Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Honey Half Birthday Jumbles

Its funny how somethings can make your day and take you back in a flash to when life revolved around playing, silliness and laughing at nothing... hmmm not a lot has changed for me...
These were my favourite biscuits when i was little and i just walked past our kitchen at work and did an 'Austin powers' inspired double take.. there huddled together in a jar - they sat eyeballing me... and taking me time travelling backwards in 2 seconds flat! I remember getting in trouble for eating all the pink ones :)
So while I'm sitting here getting a lovely afternoon sugar fix, I'm thinking about what to get my brother for his birthday next week. I love it when its my brothers birthday.
When i was little (I think my brother thought the same, although I'm not certain) i thought that all siblings had half birthdays.. you know when its your birthday its your siblings half birthday and when its your siblings birthday its your half birthday. Its not as Alice in Wonderland as it sounds.. or perhaps it is.
My brothers birthday and mine are exactly 6 months apart to the day. Hence.. half birthdays... so its my half birthday on Monday!
I'm not sure how long i thought this was the way it went.. but i think it was a fairly long time! haha.
That said, i actually kind of like that its not an all siblings thing... :)
So, anyone want to play skipping rope or want to come roller skating with me?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Charlie's Muse

Its days like today that make me think that Charlie Chaplin is sitting up in Heaven watching me and making notes. That or i am Charlie's puppet; i think its the latter myself.

So many things went wrong today yet if i had watched them in a Chaplin short it would be gold.

Ill do point form - much easier.

Lets start * Waking up with a tummy ache and not being able to move for about 20 minutes

*My car wouldn't start (note it did end up starting however making me later)

*I couldn't park where i had planned to to get the bus so i had to walk bullshit away from where the bus stop is (all this and painfully becoming aware that i was getting blisters on my feet from my 7 inch heels)

*Bus was late.

*Got to work late with very sore balls ..... (Balls of my feet thank you!)

*Go to train station for interview in plenty of time - walk up to the platform and hear "the train on platform 4 has been delayed"..... ok Ill cab it and train it back with my return ticket.

*As i leave - my ticket gets eaten... of course

*Get a cab.. oh good he knows where he is going... ok he wants banter.. not a problem... how this ends up with him praying in the cab and giving me church paraphernalia I'm not quite sure but it was a LONG cab ride.

*Had to buy new shoes... not soo much a bad thing really but my pounded feet certainly are.

Interesting huh? And all in one morning....

Cue Charlie walking from Camera twirling cane...... and CUT!

Oh and by the way - the interview went ok. Im happy with myself and if i dont get it i'll just chalk this one up to experience.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Strange Days Indeed.

It was strange to wake up this morning and open my eyes slowly to realise i wasn't in my old room..
Curious feeling walking around last night not really knowing what to do with myself.

Tonight i unpack i think, i cant wait to get organised. I need some sort of order!!

I really wish i had taken today off to have a sleep in but alas, no rest of the wicked.... so I'm thinking i must be Beelzebub's half cousin at the moment.

I must say yesterday disappointed me.. and no not for the reason you would immediately think. I'm very zen about the whole V day thing this year, but i didn't witness any random acts of love, barely any people were even smiling let alone holding their loved ones hands?! Whats wrong with you loved up peoples?!
Very poor effort from what i saw.. Lift your game couplites!

Also, i have a theory i need to put down.. and its more a generalisation of an observation than anything conclusive (obviously) in relation to the mature cough...
When older people cough.. they don't seem to care where it goes or if its covered properly.
This hap-hazard coughing is occurring mainly in places of close contact.. say buses for example.
This morning i copped a light spray not once but twice! Does etiquette apply here? How does one tell an elder generation to cover their mouth politely?

And its always one that sound like they are mixing gravel in their neck.. you know the ones? mmmm

This also happened to me at my cousins engagement party the other week. I was 'engaged' in conversation with an older woman who when felt the urge to cough mid conversation.. did just that.. and in my face. I saw her face change and though... "no surely she wou...".... Oh yes.. yes she would, and she did.

Well that's all for now i guess.. Kelly signing off and talking shit since 1982

Oh and i have a job interview tomorrow.. so cross your crossables for me


Thursday, February 8, 2007


I love this!


Ok, so i have not been as studious at keeping this up to date as i have in the past but i have been looking for jobs people! haha.

Yes, the search is still on... i forgot what a laborious and unrewarding process this is. The constant hope, the excitement when you see a job you want and then watching your hope fade as the days tick past BUT i am confident i will find something i like soon.

Today i won a flat screen IBM computer monitor.... that's exciting.. except i don't own a computer... wah wah wah
Well the whole company went into a draw and i won (there were a few winners) so my parents get it. I can just see the looks now as i carry this thing home on the bus.

Its not light either... as long as i don't get a fit of the giggles (absurd situations often do so) *imagine me struggling up the streets of the city with an unboxed monitor* i should be ok.

I'm tired at the moment and my muscles ache... I'm on a detox diet of sorts. Day 4.. only 17 to go.... great.
Its not so bad really. The only thing that is challenging is finding something to cook for dinner with my limited ingredients.

I have started packing up my room.. what a strange experience. I have been there since I was 12 so I'm finding it all a bit sad. Who will feed my magpies?! I think that's what i will miss the most.

George laid an egg and turned into Satan again.... she went 4 days with out another so i took it away from her yesterday and she seems to be back to normal... didn't i feel like the worlds worst person when i saw her scratching around, head poked up and to the side looking for her egg..
I will get her a boyfriend soon and then she can have real babies.

My bros band Savoy Kicks are playing tomorrow night at the Excelsior in Glebe, that should be good but to drive... or not to drive.. that is the question?

All in all i have been busy lately but don't feel like i have accomplished or done much...... hmmm