Thursday, April 26, 2007

Final Count Down

Today is my second last day here ... and while it feels a little strange, it feels good. I think what i have grown accustomed to is the routine although ... that is also what has bored me too.

Wouldn't you know it i have gone and gotten a cold to so all i really feel like doing is curling up in bed. Tuesday night i had a fever (and had the song fever running through my head just to annoy myself) so that was fun, so for ANZAC day i didn't really do much. Just lazed around in my pj's sneezing.
Discovered that we now have 3 huge frogs in our pond. I have named one of them Bob Frog the III. I was actually disappointed by the lack of ANZAC on telly - ie docos and movies yesterday. I thought that is what i would distract myself with as everyone else would be out having a few drinks, but no... besides the history channel which had a few cool docos. Nothing..

Its going to be great Monday waking up and not having to go to work, however i will really need to get amongst it and get cracking job wise. See, the thing is. Its not that i CANT find a job. I have already been offered at least 2. I want to WANT to go to work. I know that almost everyone has some problems with their job and well that's fine but i am trying to seek out something to suit me cos i know i would prefer to try than to just sit around and whinge about hating my job (i did that for long enough).

My plans are this. I'm going to give myself a couple of months. If I don't find a career or something to study then I'm going to think about going overseas. I really would love to go and live in Liverpool (yes... yes... cos of the Beatles) cos honestly the people there were some of the nicest in the world, not to mention funniest! I nearly wet my pants in a cab there one day just from giggling at the driver. That or London.. i mean London..... its where its at isn't it?
I'm held back from all that though by what i might miss out on. Although its very much a sea saw kinda thing at the moment. I'm sure ill work it out.

Does anyone watch Heroes? I am LOVING that show at the moment. And to have Milo (the guy who plays peter and was also Rocky's son in the latest film) who i am a massive fan of...... and NOW one of the newest characters is none other than Christopher Ecceleston.... that's right.. the 9th Doctor Who... MY doctor. I love him! Simple pleasures.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Some musings if you will...

-------------------------------This is how I feel this morning....

So I'm cleaning out my computer as best as I can before I blow this Popsicle stand and I came across two pieces I did a while ago. Rather than lose them I thought I would copy them onto here;

Who did you sit next to this morning?

The majority of Sydney-siders all start their day by travelling to work on public transport.
So most of you will know where I’m coming from; the pack of faceless mugs around you all shuffling their way past – pushing if need be (and this actually generally seems to be the case) for the illustrious SEAT!!

Next time you get on board have a look around you:

- There’s the older gent who just wants to engage in general chit chat (which I like to refer to as shit chat) with anyone who will listen.
- The cranky corporate who’s lines on their face have now become so deep they now hide the smiling Sally who used to be able to laugh with said older gent on her week day trips.
- There are your ipod/book crew who generally keep to themselves apart from the occasional sing-along/gasp.
- There are the loud sighers and tongue clickers who seem to get the irrits at almost everything around them. But instead of saying anything – they sigh and click their tongues (Skippy style) as if hoping upon hope that the other person will read their mind. (these are my personal favourites)
- Last but certainly not least you have the smellies. You know who I’m talking about, that mutant who sits down next to you who has an unfortunate case of flatulence, appears to have never brushed their teeth, had a bath or washed/brushed their hair.. ever. Smellies are completely oblivious to the horror they instigate to their fellow travellers who are forced to breathe in the toxic stench through out their journeys… careful observation has shown that its those surrounded by smellies can often turn into loud sighers and tongue clickers…

So, who did you sit next to this morning??

Say Cheese!!!

What has happened to the smile? Where has it gone? Why is it so hard to evoke these days? Some may argue that current social and political events are the cause and while this is a relevant argument and agree to a point, I think it also has something to do with the time that we live in today.

People are paranoid! Everyone is suspicious of everyone. The neighbourly culture who once upon a time watched I love Lucy’s Ricardo’s & Mertz’s get into G rated slapstick situations have now evolved into the paranoid sue-everyone generation who tune into the latest story on A Current Affair.
Without sounding too Alan Jones-y, what happened to the day when you could walk down the street and just smile at someone? Say ‘Afternoon? Try it now and people think you are a couple of crayons short of a box.

Isn’t it interesting that when you were a child, you were SUPPOSED to be smiling. However, whip out the pearly whites now as you strut down the street and people think you are:

a) Not all there.
b) Hiding something/up to no good.
c) A serial killer/flasher

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being aloof or shy or look, sometimes you just have a really shithouse day and don’t WANT to smile… then again there is the latest EMO trend which seems to involve self deprecation and pouting or a whole lot of sooky wah wah from well off middle class kids!!… *clears throat* I digress, what I’m saying is yeah, sometimes we don’t feel like smiling and that’s fair enough but when that certain mood sweeps you up, don’t be afraid to slap on that grin and aim it!

Did you know that it was Charlie Chaplin who wrote the music for the song smile?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bit of a Bowie Phase

Nothing of interest is going on with me. I'm going through a bit of a Bowie phase.

Same old, same old. You know, the kind that sends people to those straight jackets. I only have 2 weeks left here (a little under actually).
Thank goodness. I have little to no drive to be here. If i hear the phrase "We have established that" one more time I may go spare.

I don't belong here.. I know that. And i bought my golden ticket outa here.

Its whats on the other side that I'm sort of worried about. What do I do?
Do i stay in Sydney? Give me a reason to stay.

Strange dream the other night. I dreamt i was getting married - in my old high school hall. My groom was a prince i hadn't met and i balled all the way to the entrance.
The prince was a small asian fellow wearing a cape riding a red scooter.
Mind you my dress and hair looked fabulous! haha.

Dreams sometime leave me weary like i cant shake them off.

Now I'm babbling - i go.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Teeth.. anyone?

I look like a mix of these guys at the moment....

Hmmm hot.


I had some teeth pulled the other day. My isn't that a fun experience. Mind you all i can actually remember is hallucinating off whatever they gave me so that part was pretty funny.