Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How do you deal with difficult personalities? - Really, please help!

Have you ever known someone that just gets under your skin? So far under that it starts to invade your happiness? Infect your energy?

I do.

I am honestly at a loss at what to do now. Not so long ago I had a similar(ish) situation with someone who was mentally quite unstable and unfairly planted their expectations for their own life directly on me. I tried honesty with them and in return, I was made the villain. I can live with that I guess. People will think what they want. People who really know me know the truth.

I feel like I am trapped in an old silent black and white short. Things keep happening, keep going wrong, but nothing happens. It is frustrating as the same treatment is not (and has not) been afforded to anyone else. All because that is apparently "just how they are". It just isn't good enough.

I have learnt something interesting about myself with all this. When I am angry, overwhelmed etc and cant deal, I go completely into myself. Please help. How do you deal with someone who you cant handle?

I do have some perspective tonight however, in the form of cyclone Yasi approaching. I do realise just how silly my issue does sound in comparrison. Thinking of everyone in QLD xx


Cat said...

I wish I had words of wisdom for you as I am a bit of a "run for the hills" type when it comes to dealing with difficult people. I hate any kind of confrontation at all. I think it's just important to stick to your core values and not let the difficult person take your energies away.

Through the looking glass said...

You are right, there is no point letting anyone take your energies away. I am happy to report things seem to have gotten better! x