Sunday, May 1, 2011

F**k you Wii Fit!

So I am up to my fourth week in the C25K. I am a little behind this week though. I have done it only once and it absolutely kicked my arse! 

So when I got on my Wii fit that afternoon and it told me I had lost three kilos in a week I was elated but also a little suspicious. I did it again and it then told me I was all the way back up to my beginning weight. I have a feeling the thrill of loosing two kilos in my first week was now not correct. 

I have definitely lost weight. I feel better and have firmed up a little, alas my egg cup gut is certainly still there but I have lost weight. 

So I just want to say ... FUCK YOU WII FIT! You faulty mind fuck.

Perhaps that is the universe telling me that it doesn't matter how much I weigh. The number is not as important as how I feel and I am happy to say, I feel pretty good. I still have a way to go though!

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