Friday, May 6, 2011

I resigned

This week has been so full on I feel like I need to quickly do a bit of a catch up!

Monday, I resigned.
I have been at my work now for four years.
Four years ago I left the shit-arse world of insurance and took a punt to do something I would love. Something I could put myself in.
In the last four years I have learnt so much, but I have also become complacent and bored. 
It's time for a change and I have been lucky enough to get that opportunity.
My last day there will be the 27th of May and then I start at the new job on the 1st of June.

Fresh meat.

I am so excited and so nervous. 

I went and met the team on Wednesday and they were SO lovely and welcoming. This just feels so right. I am going to learn so much.


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