Saturday, July 30, 2011

Things I hate to admit, being a modern women and all ...

So I can't actually change a tyre. Yep. I know. Lame but true.

Actually it KILLS me to admit that. 

I like to think of myself as a feminist you know, no pink jobs and no blue jobs. Women can do anything men can.

But there are a few things I Lucille Ball it on. 
Spiders are included here and snakes actually.

On mothers day, I was visiting my awesome Mum. My boyfriend had made her a batch of rocky-road and I had it packed in the back seat in a freezer bag along with the pug. Dangerous but he couldn't get to them.

When all of a sudden my steering went funny. I thought, just try and get to Mum and Dads as I wasn't very far away. Of course it got worse and I had to pull over. Yup. Flat tyre. 

It has always been something I have meant to learn but it just hasn't happened. So was calling the NRMA when all of a sudden a lovely man on a motorbike stopped and helped me. He changed my tyre for me. He was so nice about it and wouldn't take any money for it either. 

Driving along afterwards and he speed up on his bike to catch me. The tyre he had just put on was looking flat so he motioned me to pull into a servo where he filled the tyre with air and then made sure the rest of my tyres were done. (OK, I do know how to do that but he did it anyway). I just want to say a big fat thank you to the man dressed in leather who helped me get to my Mum's on mothers day. You are awesome.

And yes, perhaps I should get around to learning to change a tyre.


Trishabelle said...

How very sweet of him and it really is all about karma.

Changing a tyre is something my Mum actually MADE me learn the minute I got my P's. I am interested to see though, how I would go if I had to change one myself. In saying that, I have had a few flats, but that's what I pay for when I renew my roadside assistance isn't it??

The Book Chook said...

I like to think of myself as a modern woman too. But when I married my current husband I discovered how very nice it was to give up all the jobs I hated - like changing tyres, ironing and doing the tax.

Maybe the mark of being a true modern woman is knowing when to look helpless???!