Sunday, October 2, 2011

Protective (or the one where a dude nearly punched me in the face)

It has been bloody AGES since I have written in here. Life has gotten really busy of late. Really busy. So busy that I realise something. I am not giving myself me time. Me time to write. At the moment my head feels really clogged and I need to unglue it. While I am busy unclagging (remember Clag?) I thought I would put this up.

There have been a few instances of late where I have been talking to friends and they have been explaining their troubles or their woes and I get really fired up and protective. Like, really.

It reminded me of a post I wrote AGES ago back when myspace was cool, and I thought I might post this in lieu of me getting my thoughts together. (fingers crossed eh?)

It is a delightful tale of a group of girls out on the town. Let me take you back five years ago now, when I nearly got punched in the face by a man for standing up for my friends ...

[insert Wayne's World scene change effect]

I went out to a pub (admittedly one that I'm not the biggest fan of) to meet friends. Before this night, I had the - I don't really care where I am, as long as I am with my mates - attitude which I think I have now lost.

Now let me set the scene ... I was with a bunch of my girlfriends - all of us dressed quite casually I was in a t-shirt and jeans. (Note - not sure why I thought this was an important fact to add, like what we wear should invite this sort of behavior)

Just comfie and wanting to have a good time when we were surrounded by a group of men - okay, not great but should be no big deal right? Not at this point - so we just kept dancing and laughing amongst ourselves when one of two of them tried to dance behind some of us, so we just danced away from them. Now we weren't rude, we just moved ourselves away so as not to encourage them.

It was then that one of them decided to grab one of my friends inappropriately, grabbing at her hips and waist and pulling her towards himself. In which instant, one of the most calmest and sweetest girls I have ever met had to push them away with force. It happened to another of my friends and she did the same thing - it was at this point that one of the men grabbed my friends arm so violently it made me sick to my stomach (she still had marks on her arm the next day) without thinking too much about it I stood in between them, and just started screaming at him. That was it for me I was not going to stand there and watch this bunch of absolute neanderthals treat my friends like this.

This guy was about 40 years old and I had my arm up pointing at him (not being the tallest banana in the bunch) and he was screaming (and I mean screaming, not yelling, screaming) at me demanding me to put my hand down, like how very dare I challenge him. He seemed like the type who did not take well to a woman challenging him. He was shaking with anger, which made me even angrier. That's when I saw that he was going to punch me - hand balled and raised - when he was pulled back by his mates.

Wait, how did that just happen?

I think about it now and it's scary, but at the time I was so furious. Actually, it still makes me furious.

It was when things calmed somewhat that I was struck with that sick feeling again. Is this a common occurrence here? It was a packed pub and no one blinked or even came to help us.

Then I couldn't believe this 18 yr old kid slides along and tried to pick me up telling me he saw what happened and thought that I handled myself well.

"I am sorry, you watched that? You watched that and didn't think to help or get help?" I said.

His charming response ...

"You get what you deserve when you come to this place" he spat.

That pissed me off as much as the other mutants. IN WHAT WAY DID MY FRIENDS AND I DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS?

We were keeping to ourselves. Trying to dance with each other. Would you believe that this was actually unfortunately the second time I heard this statement about this place in one night ... clearly that is the mindset of the men frequenting this bar and I think that is terrifying. Just terrifying.

End. Rant.

*side note not all men are cock-knockers. This is not a she-woman man hating post!