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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I would like to think that as I get older I have acquired some sort of grace.
I would LIKE to think so ... but this is so not the case.

The other day I saw the gorgeous presenter, Hex, from Good Game on my bus and the first thought I had was "Ohh I watched her on TV last night".


Quick, someone fetch the banjo.

I also had to text my boyfriend and tell him just how pretty I thought she was. (insert lady crush here)
I mean, she is just a normal person catching the bus. Why are we so fascinated by someone who is a bit famous? What is it about our culture these days that we feel like we have the right to these peoples lives? For instance, why do we care what the fuck Lady Gaga is wearing when there are much more important things going on? Have you noticed that the news these days is becoming more peppered with things like moron Charlie Sheen? Why can't we see more of the GOOD things happening in the world? Like what steps are being made to cure cancer?

Oh, I am getting ranty. Apologies.

So anyway, I digress. So while I internally embarrassed myself when I saw Hex, at least I didn't so anything to embarrass myself which I seem to have a knack for doing with famous people.

Last year I went to see the show Looking Through a Glass Onion. A stage show by John Waters about John Lennon. It was brilliant. After the end of the show, just before most people got up, I rushed out to find the toilet. (Nana bladder) As I was coming out, this very well dressed and good looking man was walking the other way.

I could have sworn I knew him?
Did I used to work with him?
One of my dad’s friends perhaps?
So I smiled.

As I did, and I mean as soon as I felt the corners of my mouth go up, I realised it was John Waters.
He smiled back but I am pretty sure I was completely pink by then.

Then there was the time when I was at my old local shopping village when I saw this lady. She caught my eye and so in that split second, I decided that I DID know her and the proper thing to do would be to smile big and wave!

Not a small wave, my arm was half raised above my head in a very "Yoo Hoo!" fashion.

Of course that is when I realised it was the lady who plays the character Irene on Home and Away.


Does anyone else have any amusing run in's with celebrities? Anything to make me feel like less of a dork would be awesome!